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Posted By: Nicole Borgenicht Friday, December 19, 2014

Abstract paintings that evoke a sense of calm with energy, or representational retro-modern pop collage that conjures hope with harsh reality, leads us to Elena Bulatova’s diametrical artwork. In her most current series, Bulatova composes large pieces that have the base of world news from the Wall Street Journal, juxtaposed with pop heroes who represent hope, picturesquely circumvented by abstract lines of energy and glowing light.

“This season I came up with a new series on WSJ newspaper with cartoons and superheroes. The choice of superheroes is made due to the fact that any superhero characters displays extraordinary powers or abilities, exceptional skills and/or advanced equipment not available to simple humans. Since the Wall Street Journal reports all the events in the world including negative news that people face again and again, conflicts, diseases, wars… Globalization brings us together connecting with news instantly like never before facing these threats but we still cannot solve all the problems that our civilization encounters every year. Superheroes possessing supernatural powers give us hope to finding solutions and bringing optimism about our future,” says Bulatova.

However in Bulatova’s purely abstract paintings, she intersects the freedom of abstract expressionism with a predesigned arrangement. These works provide a harmonious energy, like the predictability of day turning into night or vice versa with paint rhythm-strokes simulating spontaneous moments.

“My abstract paintings have its emphasis on spontaneous, automatic or subconscious creation. Although it is true that spontaneity or the impression of spontaneity characterizes many of my abstract expressionists works, most of these paintings involved careful planning, especially since their large size demanded it,” says Bulatova. “Abstract art gives you the freedom to explore the artwork and bring your own meaning to the piece. One must let go of the need to put things into words and let the artwork take you somewhere.”

While all of her painting genres are displayed at Elena Bulatova’s main gallery in downtown Palm Springs, they also represent a diverse collection to include sculptors and glass artists.  Every Thursday evening during Villagefest, Elena greets visitors at  her own weekly Art Walk from 6-10 pm.

It is a lovely demeanor with which Elena Bulatova admires the work of so many great artists globally and shares her vision of the international art scene at the gallery. “In our family private collection we have numerous emerging artists from all over the world. I travel a lot during summer and we visited around 70 galleries in San Francisco, LA, Miami, New York, Singapore, Bangkok and some other cities within last 4 months to see what is going on at modern art scene. I would like to have this international feeling from all my travels and share the best art with our visitors. We discover and collect mostly emerging artists; right now in our main gallery we have various artists whose style of painting differs from mine. We like to show contemporary art that is diverse,” Bulatova adds.

In addition, her Studio and Gallery in the Backstreet Art District is a different social scene. Bulatova describes, “It is a more private feeling, here I create all my paintings and there are several more artists’ studios where art collectors can browse and meet artists at work.”

Other locations to see Elena Bulatova’s art and simultaneously revel in the lifestyle of Palm Springs comprise:

Three Sixty North Restaurant is a place to enjoy dinner while viewing art and listening to live music!

The Five Hundred building is ultra modern encompassing a serene atmosphere with art on display and a coffee café Ristretto.


760 600-0417

Elena Bulatova Fine Art
232 N.Palm Canyon Drive - downtown
Open everyday 9 am-10 pm
Every Thursday Art Walk 6-10 pm          

Elena Bulatova Studio & Gallery

2652 S.Cherokee Way, Palm Springs
Open Tuesday - Sun 11-4 pm
By appointment other days / 1st Wednesday Monthly Art Walk 6-9 pm


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