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A home to go with the art.

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Кто-то покупает искусство просто потому, что оно им нравится, а некоторые люди делают дизайн всего дома вокруг своей арт коллекции.
A king’s mistress, a trio of clowns and a taxidermy chicken helped determine the design of Gary Wasserman’s home in Naples, Fla.
When Mr. Wasserman, CEO of Troy, Mich.-based Allied Metals, was building the home, which has sweeping waterfront views, he wanted his art collection to take center stage.
So he laid out his dining room around the dimensions of a 12-panel glass-encased painting that reflects on the life of Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV, by artist Ken Aptekar. The piece wraps around the entire room. A series of three bronze clown sculptures by Marshall Fredericks got their own alcove off the bedroom.

Most homeowners live with some artwork. Others build their homes around it. Some serious art enthusiasts set up living spaces to highlight everything from old master paintings to contemporary video installations and multimedia sculptures. Some bring in museum-lighting experts or construct gallery spaces to rotate collections. Architects and home builders say working with art-obsessed homeowners brings its own challenges, from installing heavy sculptures and oversize paintings to figuring out how to offset edgy art that may be provocative—or even intentionally offensive—upon first glance.
The intensity has ratcheted up as values of both high-end art and high-end real estate rise. Royce Pinkwater, founder and CEO of a high-end global real-estate company that consults with homeowners on home renovation and design, says in the past five years she’s seen an uptick in clients who are highly focused on displaying very valuable collections. “Art and property are the two top hard-asset classes people are investing in most now,” she says.
One of Ms. Pinkwater’s clients is working with an HVAC expert to install a museum-grade humidification control in their Manhattan condo to protect their artwork. Another recent client spent $1.5 million on custom lighting for their collection.
Mr. Wasserman kept the interior of his home white to provide a blank slate. Dimensions of several rooms were coordinated to match the paintings that hang in them. A gallery-like hallway holds fluorescent paintings and a stainless-steel sculpture of a concrete mixer on a platform by Wim Delvoye.
“I live with everything,” says Mr. Wasserman, whose collection includes works by Anish Kapoor, Keith Haring and Koen Vanmechelen, the artist behind the taxidermy chicken that adorns his study, part of a series where the artist works with geneticists to crossbreed chickens from around the world. He declined to say what he spent on the home, which was designed by architect John Cooneyand completed in 2008; similarly sized homes in the area are listed for around $8 million.
Paulo Bacchi, owner of Brazil-based furniture company Artefacto, combined two adjacent Fisher Island, Fla., condominiums to create a 5,000-square-foot vacation home with 3,000 square feet of balconies. It houses his family and about 25 pieces from his contemporary art collection.
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