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Elena Bulatova lollipop installed in luxury suite of Cosmopolitan. Watch this amazing video w new designs!

The top four floors of the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas have been vacant since the day the casino opened in 2010. But as part of a five-year capital investment plan by the Blackstone Group that shifts the hotel’s focus from culinary destination to stylish casino hotspot, they’ve finally been furnished and opened to the public.

Well, sort of. The 21 Boulevard Penthouse suites that now fill those top floors have balconies overlooking the Bellagio fountains and Vegas strip, designs by Adam Tihany, and $56,000 bottles of Louis XIII Black Pearl cognac—and a minimum buy-in of $1 million at the Reserve, the Cosmopolitan’s high-roller lounge. According to travel specialist Jack Ezon of Ovation Travel, that may make them the most expensive hotel rooms anywhere in the world.Not everyone gets in to the Boulevard Penthouses. To do so, you have to prove your net worth, clear a few security hurdles, and have paperwork submitted to the Gaming Commission—which gets you into the high-roller lounge called the Reserve, where you’ll play your requisite million.

There are, and will be, exceptions to those rules—this is Vegas after all, where rules are meant to be broken. “Some of our slot guests don’t have as much as a bankroll per individual trip but they come often, so their value is still very high,” Benowitz said. “Anyone who spends over $100,000 on a given trip could be considered.”

As for the 98 percent occupancy rates that most hotels in Vegas like to brag about? They don’t apply here—which is to say, the Boulevard Penthouses will never be given away for next-to-nothing. “We’re not overly concerned if a room goes vacant because there’s an opportunity cost of getting someone in there,” Benowitz said. “They’re not at the same occupancy as the rest of the hotel, but on weekends? The demand is astronomical.”

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Aug. 17th, 2017 06:05 pm (UTC)
красивое видео! Дорогие и красивые интерьеры!

Я может покажусь очень странной, но я не понимаю зачем ехать в Лас-Вегас? Чтоб полубоваться современными постройками и видом на горы ... наверное чтоб переночевать в люксус отеле и поесть изысканной еды в люксус ресторане, но неужели этого нет в твоем городе - или в радиусе 90 км от твоего города? Например, во Франкфурте-на-Майне можно найти и изысканную вкусную еду и изысканный отель с красивым видом. Для меня Лас-Вегас это что-то искусственное, как и Дубай. Но я ни разу в Лас-Вегасе не была, может быть поэтому так думаю. Муж говорит, что люди едут в Лас-Вегас чтобы показать, что у них есть много денег :D
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