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Вышло первое интервью со мной в What's Up MiamiWUM;

What's Up MiamiWUM
is one of the first and foremost forward-looking websites projecting the emerging arts and culture scene in Miami to the rest of the world. Free of publicity and with a sleek design, WUM is the flagship of Eclectic Network's online publications.

Solitude, 48" x 60"

From December 4th to 9th, 2012, Intrepid Gallery at ArtSpot Miami hosted by Red Dot Art Fair will exhibit the work by Russian-born Palm Springs-based artist Elena Bulatova.
Born in Alexandrov, Russia in 1983 Bulatova is a multi-talented artist who benefited from her immersion in art and culture at the early age of six, when she began painting spontaneously.

Her parents noticed her talents for classical music and painting and sought formal training through private lessons for both music and art until the age of seventeen when she entered the most competitive university in Russia: Moscow State University, MSU.
Trained as violinist, Bulatova graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in public administration in 2006  furthering her studies in Economics at MSU and later, at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where she was a recipient of the prestigious Fox fellowship in 2007 and establishing permanent residency in the U.S. in 2012.

City that Never Sleeps, 48" x 60"
A very active artist who exhibits extensively throughout the U.S., Bulatova has had a handful of solo shows this year alone at Art Factory in Las Vegas; Desert Art Festival, Palm Springs; The Heath Gallery, Palm Springs and at San Diego's Easel Art Fair.
WUM speaks with Elena Bulatova about her views of creating art in a constant flux. Her work will be individually showcased at V11 Booth at Verge Art Fair 2012, Miami Beach.
WUM: Why do you create art?

Painting gives me joy and I want to give this joy to people through my art. Painting is also a way of expressing myself. I paint because I love to create. I feel the purpose of creating art is to share something beautiful and allow others to see something only the artist has perceived. I make art to share my thoughts, my perception of the world. Painting gives me pleasure and accomplishment in creating something....but to see the pleasure it brings someone else, to see them love the painting is the most fulfilling and wonderful compliment a painter can have.

Serendipity 48" x 60"

WUM: Are you the only artist in your family? Tell us when and how did you get started?

My parents are both engineers. My mom worked all her life in banks and financial institutions so I am entrepreneur by nature. My mom wanted me to have very broad education in different fields; I went to art school for 7 years to learn to play the violin and piano among other subjects as painting and dancing.

WUM: How do you get inspired to create a work of art? Please name the artists that have influenced you in the creative process.

Among artists that influenced me I can name Jackson Pollock, Hans Hartung and Pablo Picasso. I also like the abstracts of Gerhard Richter. Regarding my inspiration, it varies. Sometimes when I paint,  I know what I want to get in the end. Occasionally, I just simply improvise going with the flow and for me, this is a journey in itself. I view painting as a selfless act, as a beautiful act. 

Frappucino 48" x 36"
Exploration 3, 48" x 60"
WUM: As an artist, how do you see life? Can you explain what is your relationship with your spirit or soul?

Going through the process of painting is like a spiritual journey. All life is a journey. There are no words needed to describe anything just color and form to communicate my visions which emerge from my soul.

WUM: As artistic creations, art and music are performed with a different state of mind. Can you explain how do you feel when you perform playing the violin and when you paint using your hands and fingers to produce works that one can hear and see?

Music and painting are different ways of expression in sharing something beautiful. Music and paintings talk to us without words. They both require to be very precise, patient and persistent as one wrong movement can produce a wrong note or a wrong brushstroke.


Nov. 27th, 2012 04:17 am (UTC)
Алёна, спасибо за интервью! Очень интересно!
И картины шикарные!
Nov. 27th, 2012 12:35 pm (UTC)


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