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At the Essex House hotel, two suicide girls in white gowns sit poolside, dabbing a flower in what appears blood and a pill cocktail, as a band tunes up on the periphery to get the flow in the proper mood. It’s like watching a mesmerizing campfire in a prehistoric time, and rewinding the day’s hard hunt, while the fire provides safety for tribal man from predators in the wild. Coincidentally, this is South Beach. A vodka or two is needed to resuscitate the spirit for the last stretch of art seeing, although upstairs in the rooms the situation is more intimate than the push and shove of the art fair in the daylight hours. Walking through the hallways, you can venture into the artist’s sanctuaries and engage them in private close quarters. At Verge, there are no closed doors, only the ones you bring with you.

Elena Bulatova watches the sunrise come over the mountains at her home in California and having taken in that energy, she goes into her studio to begin work. Her paintings are full of a charged and violent grace compounded upon a rough, reflective texture. She achieves this much in the same way as a conquerer who boldly raids across a terrain with an army of beauty at her back and she takes ownership of everything in sight, as seen in the thick brush strokes and splashes that swirl over the canvas. She says the process when she began was at first sporadic but then it became more harmonic in time; however living in a state of comfort is destructive to the creativity of an artist, so she continues to evolve. Her worked has been featured in many exhibitions internationally and at several fairs at Art Basel Miami. “They love their own opinion. It’s proof the work is sufficient. A part of the artist goes into every painting. I feel like when people take a painting home a part of me is living with them.” Elena Bulatova’s energy is avidly felt that leaves you with the sense art is not seeking a positive reality, it’s seeking a positive life.  www.elenabulatova.com

VERGE is located at the Essex House, 1001 Collins Ave. & 1020 Ocean Drive @ 10th St., Miami Beach, Florida. 


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Dec. 8th, 2012 01:55 am (UTC)
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