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Артблог WUM напечатал новую статью обо мне: все о новых картинах галерее и планах на лето.

Elena Bulatova, Heart Beat, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013

Celebration, Resin on Wood, 2013
From June 6th to 14th, 2013 Russian-born, Palm Springs-based artist Elena Bulatova will be participating at theMiami Iron Side during the II edition of the “International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami, IBAEM,” a mega-showcase event produced by The Art Marketing Mind LLC., and endorsed by the City of Miami.

Exploring and experimenting with a variety of methods applying acrylic colors in subsequent layers, Bulatova, 30, has been very successful at placing her works in notable art collections having sold more than 100 paintings within the last year alone.

“Her eye-catching, highly-decorative pieces were spotted by collectors and were the first sold at our booth during Red Dot Art Fair 2012,” said Tata Fernandez, VP of Art Marketing Mind LLC., a company that represents the emergent Bulatova.

Born in Alexandrov, Bulatova graduated from Moscow State University in 2006 and a year later she moved to the U.S. to pursue an advanced degree in Economics at Yale. A former Fox Fellow at Yale, Bulatova decided to focus in the arts, a discipline highly encouraged during her childhood years.
Desert Princess, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013

Last month, Bulatova inaugurated her new gallery space at the hippest art destination in the California desert at the popular Backstreet Art District.

Within few weeks after her formal opening, Bulatova’s monumental 80” x 80” orange abstract piece -featured in WUM- along with two other paintings were purchased by a couple who acquired the former Palm Springs Estate of the lateAcademy Award Winning writer Sidney Sheldon.

“During the first month of operations, half of the works exhibited at my gallery were sold,” said enthusiastically Elena Bulatova.

At IBAEM 2013, she will showcase “Heart Beat” and “Celebration” two large 48” x 60” pieces. The artist plans to spend a two-month summer vacation in the Magic City to find inspiration for new works to be exhibited at the Southern Nevada Museum of Art, Las Vegas in September and then going at full throttle for Palm Springs’ season thereafter.

The Southern Nevada Museum of Art is paying tribute honoring the artists that were featured in the Volume VII of the International Contemporary Masters.
Opening Reception Thursday June 6th, 2013 at 7PM, 7600 NE 4th Ct  Miami, FL 33138, United States.


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